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It is a creative agency for communication and publicity.

altA, creative agency, its created with the aim of accompanying companies through their task of communicating properly all of their assets.
We put all our experience in communication and publicity at service of brands and people forming the companies. We work in visual and sensorial communication in a creative and transversal approach, so that it can be developed in all media, formats and hardware that we have available, both offline and online.
We present you altA and its products through “alta muntanya” (top of a high mountain), an environment used as a metaphor to explain how we can help you.
  • Value
    We know how to broadcast the brand value to the targeted consumer in a way that their perception is accurate.
  • create
    We use creativity as the reference in communicating the message, with the objective of creating an emotional bond with the client.
  • altA
    altA, in our mother tongues, Catalan and Spanish, means high. The name was chosen to always accompany the values that define us.
  • altA
    altA accompanies quality, creativity, professionalism, implication, responsibility, sensitivity, fidelity and integrity.
altA muntanya

A committed team,
your partner.

We wish to be a partner with whom you can develop and grow, with a great dose of professionalism and enthusiasm!
altA, creative agency is funded in 2014 by Oriol Mascareñas, engineer, with a long experience in project and marketing managing,andVíctor Galán, creative entrepreneur, ADE and master in marketing and sales. With two very different profiles but with a high empathy and after working together in many projects, Oriol and Víctor decided to join efforts and create altA, a company that takes over GalánMSE (a marketing company that was directed by Víctor), which they provide with an extended catalogue of services and a professional and competitive.
AltA team is formed by publicity, communication and marketing experts, creative artists,graphic and industrial designers, web developers, event planners, media editors, journalists, photographers, illustrators, etc.
Víctor Galán
Albert Garrit
Hug Capella
Macarena Masip
Gemma Vidal

Creative products and services for communications and advertising, offline and online.

We develop services and creative products for any environment required (offline/online), media, format and hardware, with the objective of helping you to get noticed,positioning, viability, balance, brand, value, emotions, clients, prestige, and sales.
  • dc

    creative design

    • Corporate identity.
    • Lettering and signage.
    • Posters, opis.
    • Editorial design.
    • Merchandising and promotional items.
    • Illustration, art and photography.
    • Creative advertising.

  • dp

    Product design

    • Packaging and labels.
    • Specific sampling packaging.
    • Creative media editing.

  • ca

    Media creation

    • Corporate media editing.
    • Media product editing.
    • Edició audiovisual creativa.

  • erp

    Events & RRPP

    • Event and convention planning.
    • Ephemeral architecture.
    • Street marketing, guerrilla and sampling.
    • Press office.

  • ed

    Digital environment

    • Web design.
    • E-commerce.
    • Web positioning.
    • Interactive online interventions.
    • App design.
    • LOPD/LSSI.

  • sm

    social media

    • Social networks management.
    • Viral strategies for social networks.
    • Social networks advertising.

  • ppo

    Publicity and online promotion

    • Newsletter management.
    • Online advertising.

  • veure catàleg

our services

We present you with altA’s detailed services, with examples of projects and works that we have accomplished. Creative solutions aiming for benefits for your company.